Friday, January 19, 2018
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Hawkishness is the way forward for the US economy!

The FED moves cautiously in slowly bidding up the Federal fund rate for the second time during 2017 bring it to 1% and 1.25%. ...

A very strong macroeconomic impetus can lift the Euro!

When compared on a YoY basis the GDP growth posted an increase of 0.6% during Q1 in the Euro Area.   In addition, as per...

Australian government lack of commitment can be divisive for the market!

In the backdrop of UBS data, market participants have started discounting a drop in the real estate sector as they see a top having...

While the Trump Administration dally’s the US market shows nerviness!

What will be the role of fiscal spending on new macroeconomic patterns? FOMC in its last meeting has been ambivalent with regard to economic projections,...

The Canadian Central Bank remains circumspect!

The Canadian Central Bank remains circumspect! Earlier last week with remarks by Trump that USD is too strong, and with rising oil prices appreciated the...

Chinese Business Activity on rebound!

The latest Markit Business Outlook survey has indicated that there is renewed confidence in the economy as sentiments have risen to a 2-year high....

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